A number of House Representatives and U.S. Senators, stakeholders, and policymakers continue to focus their efforts on ways to bring innovation in medical and scientific research back to the forefront of American policy. This has direct implications on important issues such as COVID, the Affordable Care Act (ACA or health care reform), infrastructure and climate change. IMSolutions works hand in hand with the client to provide best-in-class solutions from program management, full life-cycle repair and maintenance, environmental measurements, and coastal operations which assist in fostering and building effective strategies to improve various life science disciplines.


Rapidly evolving market dynamics, regulatory forces and consumer demands are continually adding new layers of complexity to the healthcare system. With the increasing growth in healthcare spending and continued healthcare regulatory changes, federal agencies remain focused on both the value and quality of care. IMS works alongside decision-makers across federal agencies to help them transform the delivery and financing of healthcare and other social services, with a particular strength in value-based solutions.