What is best for the company?

Mr. and Mrs. Wells Founded in October of 2003 by Mr. Cornell Wells, Sr., IMSolutions was born with a clear embodiment of values, a commitment to legendary client service, and a drive for sustained growth. Mr. Wells retired from a distinguished career as an Air Force Acquisition Officer, bringing with him over 25 years of diverse experience that helped to cement the success that IMSolutions has now enjoyed for two decades. Following the passing of Mr. Wells in 2011, ownership and operation of IMS were transferred to Mrs. Belva Wells; Mr. and Mrs. Wells shared 33 years together, each playing their own role in shaping the dynamic organization we know today.


What is best for our clients?

IMSolutions prides itself on employing experienced Management Consultants and leveraging novel approaches to employee engagement; we approach business endeavors with a flexible, adaptable, accessible, and responsive mindset that empowers us to help our clients meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


What is best for our Team?

IMS identifies its extraordinary team of professionals as one of the most essential parts of the company’s focus and success. IMSolutions consciously directs time, energy, and resources to further the development of our Team’s skillset, career advancement, and personal fulfillment. Deeply committed to diversity and inclusion, IMSolutions is represented by a workforce that reflects our commitment; the majority of Team IMS employees self-identify as members of various underrepresented minority groups. With over 300 employees working remotely and in 70 onsite locations, IMS proudly houses some of the brightest minds in federal contracting and is continuously striving to build a more diverse, healthy, and safe workplace culture for that top-tier talent to shine.