IMSolutions Annual Open Enrollment

As we have been sharing with you, IMSolutions is on a journey to become a world class organization with a strong culture, and YOU at the heart of it. Over the last year, we conducted a survey through the Washington Post about best places to work. What we learned was that the majority of you thought IMSolutions was pretty good. However, what was more valuable for the leadership was learning what we could do to make our company even better. As a result, we were able to develop a 3-year strategy and our first set of 90-day initiatives to execute our vision that would bring us one step closer to world class greatness.

Our 90-Day initiatives focused around 5 key areas we understood from your feedback, external analysis, and company philosophy that would be most impactful in moving our success needle to be strategic communication, achieving big business success while maintaining a small business culture, employee satisfaction, partnership, and business development.

On January 18, 2018, we met as a leadership team to debrief about each of our specific actions to assess our level of success for our 90-day initiatives. As measured by our riginal goal line, we were able to score some major wins during this time. The team was able to implement some major enhancing tools and practices to improve communication across the company, with this newsletter being one result. Additionally, we implemented YouEarnedIt to more widely and routinely promote peer-to-peer recognition and engagement. We’ve also established a strong need with our clients and partners for there to be time when you’re allowed to plug back into home base to discuss important corporate business that affects you. We’ve worked really hard to gauge and sustain a high level of employee satisfaction through increased peer-to-peer and global recognition. We also facilitated social giving activities to allow some of our deeper passions to be realized through a coalition of support. Although it was the holiday season, we’ve done our best to stay as engaged with our current partners while meeting new companies and individuals with a similar culture and complementary skillsets to enhance business offerings and targeted areas. In an effort to continue with improved communication, I also want to share some of our failures and things we will be doing differently as we attack our next 90-day tasks. We learned that many of the areas originally targeted were slightly limiting. Although this enable us to begin collecting benchmarking data quickly, we feel it’s imperative that we broaden our holistic view to ensure the roadmap for success that we designed for IMSolutions is not only successful in terms of corporate growth and numbers, but truly enriches your life. Therefore, we decided to reclassify our employee satisfaction initiative as employee engagement. In the coming 90-days we will be sitting with each and every one of you to go over our new job description template, learning and professional development plan, as well as our revamped appraisal system. We believe that with this process, while we may not always be happy, we will be will informed. That knowledge will be much more empowering than the emotion. Needless to say, we’ve been busy, and because we are focused on making things the best for you, we will be even busier. Please feel free to ask your Program Manager about any of these initiatives or don’t hesitate to give me a call or shoot me an email. Day by day, we are becoming a better company. Just when we think we’ve reached our best, we will set a new bar!

You Earned It!

Each month Mrs. Wells selects IMSolutions employee’s who have demonstrated IMSolutions Core Values, providing services above & beyond to clients and the community. Mrs. Wells awards each selected employee 1500 You Earned It points. The winners for January/February are:

Time To Start Walking

IMSolutions is proud to announce our 4th year annual MS Walk. We will be registering and representing nationally The MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Walk in each state where we have employees. Belva Wells, President of IMSolutions, has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. We are sponsoring a 5k walk on her behalf. Please mark your calendars starting the 2nd QTR in April 2018. More information to come on this fun-filled event!

IMSolutions Albany—Doing Great Things in Georgia

all over the United States. In this edition of the IMSolutions Newsletter we are going to introduce the company to our team down in Albany Georgia. In Albany, IMSolutions currently has 3 active programs supporting the Joint Lightweight Tactical Vehicle, Light Tactical Vehicle – HMMWV, and the Internally Transportable Vehicle (ITV) and the Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) and these are the people who support these programs: Pamela Anglin and Joey Galloway are both Equipment Specialist working on the JLTV program. The JLTV project includes a family of vehicles that includes the Heavy Gun Carrier, Utility Task Vehicle, General Purpose Vehicle and a Close Combat Weapons Carrier vehicle. These are new assets and as a team we are in the process of getting them set up with Life Cycle Support including Tech Manuals, Parts Availability, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance Repair options. Once completed full scale production will begin. Slated for next year. Pam and Joey are responsible for processing provisioning data to include SMR Codes, NSNs, Part numbers etc… As well as providing technical manual verification data. Matthew Dunn is an Equipment Specialist working for the PEO LS LTV division. The LVT team are mainly associated with the HMMWV and all functions of that vehicle. They handle request from all organizations in the Marine Corps to include all MEFs, MARSOCs, MARFORES, etc. Request can be anything from a MHIF request which is where the Marine Corps needs to be made a user of a particular NSN (usually parts) to be able to order the product through the supply system, to a request for a particular drawing of a product that needs to be used by the requesting party. Our team also writes Technical Instructions, MAMS, Naval Messages, Statements of Work, and Letters of Instructions for the LTV program. The most important part of Matthew’s job is doing his best to be able to provide accurate information and timely service to our warfighters, keeping them safe and moving forward with their mission. Anthony Trowell is an Equipment Specialist for the Internally Transportable Vehicle (ITV) and the Utility Task Vehicle (UTV). Anthony is currently working with his government lead to finalize and publish the disposal plan for the ITV. Anthony has also been tasked to build a data file for all variants of Marine Corps HMMWV’S. This will be used to do data maintenance on all NSN’s associated with the HMMWV’s. Other duties include writing modification Instructions (MI), Supply Instructions (SI). Researching provisioning data for NSN attainment. Finally, the Program Manager for IMSolutions Albany is John Amacker. John sits at the Corporate Headquarters in Dumfries Virginia. When asked about his Albany Team, John stated that they are Rock Stars setting a great example of and for IMSolutions in Albany.