Careers at IMSolutions

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Intership Program

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IMSolutions Business Development Internship Program is a competitive six-month paid internship for recently graduated seniors. It provides entry-level professionals the opportunity to receive formal BD training, participate in all phases of Government Contracting capture and proposal activities, and gain mentorship from recognized Business Development Professionals.

IMSolutions is offering 5 six-month paid internships for qualified and motivated entry-level professionals who are seeking to start a career in the exciting and highly compensated business development field. At the end of this six-month program, IMSolutions intends to offer full-time positions to two interns who demonstrate highest competency levels during the internship period.

During this six-month program, interns will develop an understanding of critical BD concepts and activities. These include understanding the steps to identify and prepare for upcoming opportunities (Capture) and responding to Government Solicitation (Proposals). At the end of the program, qualified interns will be able to:

  • Participate in strategy/value proposition development sessions
  • Participate in formal proposal review sessions with IMSolutions Executives
  • Develop proposal building blocks (Past Performance, Resumes, Compliance Matrices, and Storymaps)
  • Analyze technical requirements and elements of technical solutions
  • Analyze management, past performance, and resumes requirements
  • Analyze pricing requirements and participate in market research


IMSolutions is searching for entry-level professionals who are motivated to become Business Development Professionals. Candidates must be willing to work collaboratively in a high-pressure environment and demonstrate a competitive desire to win. Candidates must have excellent writing skills, be able to collaborate effectively in a virtual office environment, and be able to complete assignments on tight deadlines. Top candidates will show the capacity to analyze problems, propose innovative solutions, and develop logical presentations.

  • How to apply:
    If interested, please click here to fill out the form.
  • Application process:
    The first step of the application process will be a phone or video screen with a member of our recruiting team. This call will be an opportunity for you to learn a little more about IMSolutions and our BD Internship program. The second step will include a 90-minute writing test. The third and final step will be a video call with IMSolutions leaders.

Benefits Of a Career In Business

It provides a crash course in technical areas

When you work on a proposal, typically a four- to six-week effort, you’re expected to learn quickly and become an “instant expert” in the subject area. The pressure-cooker environment of proposal work requires you to dive deep to understand the latest innovations, newest technologies and best practice approaches to specific issues. Working alongside senior technical experts who bring expertise but need guidance on how to package it into a compelling proposal, you have the opportunity to learn from the best.

You’ll work closely with leadership and senior experts

Working closely with the leadership of an organization provides an opportunity to learn from the brightest as well as access to top management. You have the opportunity to get noticed by those making hiring and career advancement decisions. It’s not uncommon for business development professionals to move more quickly up an organization’s ranks when they impress their superiors with their work ethic, creative solutions, and/or ability to tackle a challenging project.

It’s a valuable skill that will be marketable for the rest of your career

Employers highly value business development experience because it is so critical to their organization’s livelihood. Individuals who work within a GovCon organization will ultimately work on a proposal at some point in their careers. Even if you later pursue a project management or technical role, you’ll undoubtedly need to get involved in business development in some capacity. Already having some exposure will make you a more competitive candidate for many different types of jobs.

Positions often have fewer applicants and offer higher salaries

Perhaps because they aren’t roles that people initially envision when pursuing a career, business development positions often receive fewer applications than program-focused positions at the same career level. Business development fuels a company’s growth. Companies reward growth with higher salaries and bonuses.