ACQPASS Apprenticeship Program

The Acquisition Passport Training Program is an innovative apprenticeship program designed for entry-level employees offers a transformative solution to the challenge of staffing experienced performers within federal agencies. By pairing newcomers with seasoned professionals in a structured mentorship framework, the program facilitates a rich exchange of knowledge and expertise. This mentorship model not only accelerates the professional development of apprentices but also provides them with practical insights and specialized skills crucial for navigating the complexities of federal work environments.

Complemented by a comprehensive curriculum integrating theoretical learning with hands-on experience, the program equips apprentices with the essential competencies needed to thrive in diverse roles within federal agencies. By investing in the cultivation of entry-level talent through this innovative initiative, federal agencies can foster a robust pipeline of skilled professionals, thereby enhancing their operational efficiency and effectiveness in fulfilling their missions.

Our Service Offerings Include:

  • Customized Skills Training
  • Expert Mentor Guidance
  • Continuous Progress Assessment
  • Dedicated Program Support
  • Hands On Learning