Partner Value Prop

IMSolutions believes in building strong relationships with other businesses, large and small, to build mutual, long-term competitive advantages. By partnering, we build unique and innovative solutions and create value for our clients.

IMSolutions supports its protégé partners with valuable business development help including guidance on maturing business systems, business development training, and executive coaching.

Strategic Relationships

In our strategic relationships we share institutional knowledge, business development resources, and subject matter expertise to create long-term value propositions for our clients.


IIMSolutions is growing a deep network of partners crosses civilian, defense, and international sectors; allowing members to combine strengths and capabilities.

Partner Program

Investing in relationships with business partners is a focal point for IMSolutions. 

At IMSolutions, we understand the value of partnership and work tirelessly to partner with the best and brightest in the industry. We continuously look to build and maintain strong relationships with organizations that share our passion and commitment to deliver Best in Class solutions to our Federal Clients.

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